As seen on George Clarke's Old House, New Home on Channel 4

An app for iPhone and iPad that lets you explore and customise virtual environments.

Featuring seamless integration of augmented reality and virtual reality technology.

Explore virtual environments

Simple drag and drop editing and customisation

Work seamlessley across AR, VR and touch

Showcase your products or content

Seamlessley switch between different view modes

Switch between touch controls, augmented reality and virtual reality modes seamlessley

Augmented Reality

My Virtual Space makes use of Apple’s cutting edge ARKit augmented reality technology to allow you to explore virtual spaces freely, and place virtual objects in your own home.

George Clarke's Old House New Home

My Virtual Space is featured in several episodes in the upcoming series! We worked with the production team to create bespoke content for several home renovation projects. George used our app to show homeowners how their homes would look after renovation, allowing them to choose between several options.

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We process your artwork and upload to the cloud

Now experience your content in My Virtual Space

Let your customers experience your content or products in augmented reality, virtual reality or simply using familiar touch controls on their mobile devices. It’s a simple, fast and affordable solution to making your content available to your customers without the cost and commitment of creating your own app.

Make your branded content publicly available in the My Virtual Space app, or control access to your content via user account login. My Virtual Space is ideal for showcasing physical products such as furniture, applicances, electronics and homeware products. It's also perfect for allowing your customers to experience room designs and layouts, furnishings or entire buildings or structures.

West Pier Studio can handle all file formats and we’ll work closely with you to show your content at it’s best and create the richest experience for your customers.


“We wanted to use AR and VR to help homeowners make crucial decisions when renovating their home. With My Virtual Space, we were able to show different interior layouts and colour schemes. The resulting technology was far more than we could have hoped for.”  Gary McQuillan, DV Director at Amazing Productions

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